This is a book about dreams, visions, prophecies and the gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit to change our hearts, and together with us, the world around us. How to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit we received when we were confirmed.

The power from on high (the power of the Holy Spirit) which we receive at the sacrament of confirmation, and which is so powerful that it can change the human heart, acts in completely unexpected ways: through dreams,  visions and prophecies. There is almost no one who doesn’t dream, many people have visions, but also we often have the impression that God is speaking to us through other people. The Bible is full of dreams, visions and prophecies… This is a book which brings together forever the power of the Holy Spirit with dreams, prophecies and visions!

Josip Loncar is the head of the Institute for Promotion of Christian values, Kristofori, the director of the Kristofori Foundation, Promotion Officer for ICCRS (International Catholic Charismatic Services),the editor-in-chief of Book, a monthly magazine promoting new evangelization, and the editor-in-chief of Rhema, a magazine for promotion of spiritual renewal.

Josip Loncar has been actively involved in evangelism in Croatia and abroad for about twenty years, by holding seminars and lectures. He is renowned for the fact that he absolutely never preaches without calling on the Holy Spirit to confirm the Word through healing and miraculous signs, and God regularly confirms His Word!

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Power from on High

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