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Divine Mercy Chaplet

The "Chaplet of Divine Mercy" is now available worldwide for purchase as an Audio CD,
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Divine Mercy Chaplet

Some Unsolicited Comments received: You may hold mouse over the the text to pause it

author: Theresa
On an evening when my heart needed consoling the Holy Spirt brought me to hear your beautiful rendition. I wish I could afford to buy a copy.
I am thankful to hear what I could. I am trying to heal from 3 abortions, only with God's Mercy will this ever be possible. You've brought such beauty to me in my time of darkness. I am so grateful for your talent and for spreading the beauty of the Divine Mercy Chaplet. May God Bless you over and over.at

The first time I heard Celine sing this version of the Chaplet was when I was in Rome for the World Apostolate for the Divine Mercy in April of 2008. She sang it at St. Mary of the Angels Basilica. Her voice is so beautiful and angelic and I was overwhelmed with emotion. It made Christ's Passion come to life for me. Upon returning home I emailed Celine to find out where I could get this version. On December 2nd, I was notified that it was available. I couldn't wait to get a copy. I listen everyday. I have given copies to some of my friends. It's the best!

author: Michael Gabriel
This recording is very special and has helped me to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet and meditate on the Passion of Christ in a new way. This is a very beautiful.

author: Joseph Downes
This is without doubt the most fantastic version of the Chaplet I have ever heard. This is a world class production -- Absolutely AWESOME!

author: Patricia Henderson
I am totally happy with this cd. I have many others which are all very nice, but I absolutely love Celine's magical voice. The cd is full of relevant and pertinent information of Divine Mercy and is, of all I have, the overall best available.

author: Jim Mc Guinness
To listen to Celine and Fr Price in prayer to the Devine Mercy of Jesus Christ lifts my heart and soul helps me to pray and recieve that Devine Mercy we all need.

author: Brendan Kelly
This production is all it claims to be--Simply stunning! Well done to all involved.I hope it is heard around the globe.

author: Leon Luzynski
The CD is all I thought it would be. You have a great future as an artist. Good Luck.

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