Before The Last Day

“ In the Old Covenant I sent prophets wielding thunderbolts

to My people.  Today I am sending you with My Mercy to the

people of the whole world.  I do not want to punish aching

mankind, but I desire to heal it, pressing it to My Merciful Heart.

I use  punishment when they themselves force Me to do so. My

Hand is reluctant to take hold of the Sword of Justice. Before

the Day of Justice I am sending the Day of Mercy.”


“ Before I come as the Just judge,  I am coming first as King of

Mercy. Before the Day of Justice arrives, there will be given to

people a sign in the heavens of this sort:

All light in the heavens will be extinguished,  and there  will be

great darkness over the whole earth. Then the sign of the

Cross will be seen in the sky, and from the openings where the

hands and the feet of the Saviour were nailed will come forth

great lights, which will light up the earth for a period of time.

This will take place shortly before the last day.”